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Lily Larsen for Los Angeles City Council District 10

Who am I and what do I stand for?
I stand by the people to my left and my right in District 10: my neighbors.

We must address the issues that CD 10 experiences:

Homelessness and Housing

We need Housing policies that would protect our communities and current residents from displacement. While also having real service-based solutions to the housing crisis and homelessness

Infrastructure and Job Growth

Los Angeles was promised 5000 jobs back in 2015, yet to this day we still have 3500 vacant positions, while the city has the funds to hire.

The Need for Greenspace, Parks and Community Centers

Everyone who lives and visits Los Angeles deserves to experience the beauty of nature and green space – elements of which Council District 10 is devoid.

Corruption: “No Wall Street in my backyard!”

Positive Change is long overdue in local politics. There is too much corruption and dishonesty. I am running to encourage a shift in LA politics.

Map of Council District 10

No PAC’s, Lobbyist or Developer “donations”

I do not believe that politicians and lobbyists should have more sway and influence in the neighborhood than its own residents and stakeholders. I will not accept any donations from real estate developers or lobbyists. Fundraising efforts solely rely on individuals and small businesses.

Did you know?

Here are some facts about Council District 10!



female representation as a councilwoman in cd10.. ever

Lily speaks up on the importance of the youth voice and Community Empowerment. She has been featured in numerous articles and interviews from the Washington Post, NPR’S KPCC 89.3, ABC 7, CBS Local, EmpowerLA Podcast, 790AM, The Neighborhood News, Larchmont Chronicle and more.

Whenever I ride my bike I smell different foods, hear different music. There is a mix of everything. Multi-cultural as it gets, Mid City/CD 10 is a representation of LA as a whole”

The Neighborhood News

Lily Larsen Adolescent Teen Activist

I love it here. I’m grateful to have been raised here. Growing up, we didn’t have any resources, so we just played on 21st Street. There was no community center. My Mother created the Los Angeles Drama Club where kids learn Shakespeare and the social justice aspects of theater. We built this theater troop just from the kids on the block.

The Neighborhood News

As a young student, Lily was a part of the first class of Larchmont Charter School. For high school, Lily first attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, and then transferred to Fairfax High School for her senior year to allow her more time to devote to her work as a community organizer and activist.

Billy Taylor- Larchmont Chronicle

Larchmont Chronicle Article: Plans after high school

Heavlynne says she recently attended West Adams Neighborhood Council’s “Storied Streets” screening and discussion on homelessness and was surprised by what she found.

“I learned there are myths about the homeless. People assume if someone is homeless it’s their fault. But the lack of affordable housing is the main reason. There are many homeless with college degrees, or veterans. Some worked all their life and had everything taken.”
Lily Larsen interviewing friend/activist Heavlynne

The Larchmont Chronicle-

Promoting Social Change important to area youth

I attended my first protest when I was five. Since then I’ve been doing activist-related stuff.

Art and culture is a great way to open the door to social justice-related issues for people. Art saves lives. Kids I knew were getting sent to juvie at 10 years old and we got a lot of them into the Shakespeare program and it changed their lives. It’s incredible how powerful art and culture can be.

The Neighborhood News

What could people moving here do to better the community?

Get to know everyone in the neighborhood. Support the community. Support small businesses. Appreciate & respect the neighborhood, culture, community and your neighbors.

The Neighborhood News interview with Phil America

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FPPC ID #1418487 Paid for by Lily Larsen for Los Angeles City Council 2020 This website was created, designed, and edited by Lily. #Lily4LA2020

Paid for by Lily Larsen for Los Angeles City Council 2020 This website was created, designed, and edited by Lily. FPPC ID#           #lily4LA2020