4858 W. Pico Blvd #147 Los Angeles, CA 90019

A Fresh Face for LA City Politics

Positive Change is long overdue in local politics. There is too much corruption and dishonesty. I am running to encourage a shift in LA politics. This is a unique campaign, a grassroots campaign; no money from lobbyists, real estate developers or corporations is being accepted for this campaign.

I am a fresh face with a clean slate, and, most importantly, I care about the constituents of Council District 10. To see them enjoy increased access to green space & community gardens, smooth traffic, safe streets, accessible transit, and affordable housing is why I want to run to represent the community. Serving this community is my passion. This is the community that taught me kindness, respect, perseverance, family, culture and a passion for fighting for what is right. I am here to challenge the traditional concept of city government and advocate for a city in which your voice and the voice of your neighbors, family, and friends is put first.