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Homelessness and Displacement

I grew up in Mid City, one of the largest  neighborhoods in L.A.’s Council District 10.  As a teenager, I organized for housing rights and spoke at Inglewood, Van Nuys and Los Angeles City Halls against the rapid development that is causing immense economic disadvantage and displacement in several communities. The rent has increased astronomically all over the city and this issue only increases homelessness.

There is an estimated total of 231,604 empty housing units in Los Angeles County and about 55,000 homeless citizens.  As the Los Angeles tenants union states, “Los Angeles does not lack housing, it lacks the desire to house people.”

As City Councilwoman, I will continue to advocate for the rights of renters and work to put a stop to this displacement.  I will also press for reduced destruction of Los Angeles’s unique, original architecture, which overnight turns into blocky high rises that disrupt the historic skyline of Los Angeles.