4858 W. Pico Blvd #147 Los Angeles, CA 90019

Who is Lily?

“I have no baggage, I owe no one any favors, and I am on the side of the people who stand left and right of me, my neighbors”

Growing up in a socially engaged family, Lily experienced the issues her Mid City neighborhood faced (crime; a lack of community centers, parks, gardens and services; and rapid development without community input) and decided to do something about it.  She advocated for city-wide youth representative positions and was successful in creating the youth representative seat on the Mid City neighborhood council, which she stands on to this day. Lily continues to actively inform teens on how to get more involved in their community on a local government level.

Speaking at Congress of Neighborhoods in front of the Mayor, County Supervisor, Elected officials and 900+ neighborhood council advocates

Born in 2000, Lily has been politically and socially active since she attended the great march, “la gran marcha,” (also known as May Day) at age six. Her young life has always been about service and more service. Lily has received multiple awards from the City of Los Angeles, and she opened the 2017 congress of neighborhoods with a rousing speech before City Officials and over 800 neighborhood advocates. She performed Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” at TedxPasadena Women in 2017. She has organized over 10 community and civic engagement events in and around District 10. A 5th Generation Angeleno, Lily’s roots are in community service and she is pulling her community together and encouraging other younger citizens to do the same.